I meet so many people on the travel. Many only speak English or also other languages. At the moment it’s not possible to translate my website in any other language. This is why I provide here all information that is necessary for you to know if you are interested in my support.

What can I offer in English language?

Support via Zoom – we can talk and I help you into very deep transformations. This is only possible in German or English language. Please contact me so we can find out if we two can work together. Also I want to know what topic you want to be covered. I am not the right person for everybody and for every topic. So please write me so we both can find out.

How does a session work?

First there might be technical issues. You download zoom and I send you a link via email. Please check your camera and also your loudspeaker so we can see and hear us both. Else a session is not possible. This zoom link gives us a virtual conference room, where we meet.

Contact me

Write me an email info {at} shivanivogt.de or give me a message on Whatsapp +49 171 2174338

I will answer you within 48 hours. Promised!

From while to while I take a break and attend a retreat in which I promise not to talk. If I am in such a retreat, the answer might take longer.

What do I need to know from you?

Please write me the topic you like to be covered. Tell me also what you have done so far to overcome it. Maybe you have already seen other health care professionals? For me it’s also helpful to know something about your life circumstances. And I am also curious about the best result that could happen through the sessions. I cannot help everybody. But please be courageous to write to me. I see so many transformations happening every day. It’s really worth it to live a life that is with more quality of life and with more love.

virtual clinic, English

Do you like to take seat in my virtual clinic?